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so You Can
Manifest with Ease and Confidence?


  • Having the confidence to live your dreams and ignore all the naysayers
  • Things showing up in your life, effortlessly, magically, as you need them
  • Having the courage to make the changes you have not (up until now) had the courage to make
  • Your thoughts are supporting you, rather than holding you back
  • Your income goes up tremendously (enabling to live all your dreams)
  • You start the business you always dreamed about
  • And, just about anything else you can dream of actually come true!

Here’s the story of Jonaka...

When we met, Jonaka was living in a women’s shelter, distraught, and was ready to reset her life. Within weeks of working together, she moved into a new home and started several successful home-based businesses so she could stay home with her children, including her little baby girl.

Your situation may not be as dire as Jonaka’s, but chances are that you’re ready for some major changes in your life, too.

Let me ask you:

If you are saying yes to any of the above, then NOW is the time to take action and CHANGE your destiny!!!  

Now is the time for you to step forward and claim your birthright.  

This is great news for you for you!

YOU are the abundantly confident soul!  (now is the time for you to truly live this way!)

What is my story?

If you have not experienced me yet, let me tell you my story.  

My name is Paula Hopwood. 

I am known as an Inspirational Speaker, Certified Coach, Master Intuitive, and as one who believes in YOU. 

Yes, it’s true that I have these unique abilities, but I was not always aware of my special gifts. In fact, for a while I did not know how I could support myself, let alone enable you to achieve your goals.

For many years my life was filled with abuse and extreme negativity.  A life with abundance, prosperity, and love was only a dream for me.  

That is, until I decided to wake up my true self and LIVE MY DREAM LIFE…  That’s right –this all started with  a decision that I made.

I then went on a journey, an odyssey really, to learn the lessons to set myself free from the bondage of negativity, to awaken my true magical and mystical Goddess self.

I learned to dance in my true mission of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine energies. I discovered how to walk in my true medicine woman/shaman ways and teachings.  Now, I share these most important lessons and teachings with people from all walks of life.

I am honored to support YOU… so you can awaken to YOUR true self, leave behind what has been holding YOU back, claim YOUR true abundant birth rite, and live YOUR life to YOUR fullest potential!

You’re probably thinking, “Sure Paula, that worked for YOU, but could I do what you did?”

My answer: 

YES!! You CAN claim YOUR true self too, with my guidance (I will support you!!). 

When you join me, you can:

I invite you to join me on this journey...this journey of YOU...

In this program called:


I want you to join because
You deserve to be abundant in every area of your life!

You deserve abundance so you can…

I want you to step into that incredible soul strength that you have deep inside you...that is just waiting, bursting, wanting to come out...

Client Story: Motivated and Inspired

I was pretty stuck before I met Paula and took her program. She helped motivate me and inspired me to be open and authentic. 

The Abundant Life program helped me get connected more to Spirit, so much so, that my confidence grew with it. This program helped me get my healing business off the ground and get it growing. I was able to enhance my gifts and hone them with the new levels of courage and support I was experiencing. 

I love Paula’s insights and encouragement and I am deeply grateful. I am excited about this amazing journey I am on!

April Erikson  

Whispering Wind Spirit Healing  

In The Abundance Life program, you will FEEL THE SHIFT, immediately… and you will change your experience and results, immediately!

The program is structured with 8 Live Video Calls, where you discover one powerful manifestation tool on each call and learn to apply it in your life for Instant Abundance

I guide you on this spiritual journey so you can 

* shift, clear up energy and activate the abundantly confident soul that you are!

* We go beyond transforming belief patterns, visualizations, and meditations

* I will safely take you on shamanic journeys and activations that will rock you at your core

Can’t make it live to a session? It’s OK! All the sessions are recorded for you to go back and deepen your experience. 

And, you can use these tools time and again, whenever you need a lift toward more abundance or confidence.

It is time to claim your birthright of your true abundant life. 

The topics we cover together on our calls:

Come away clear, energized, enlightened, and empowered to take action on your life and on your true journey of you.

Client Story: Removing Obstacles

Paula has an innate talent of uncovering and removing obstacles in a way that makes it feel like I did it all - easily. 

The Abundant Life program gave me the boost of energy resources and right state to complete the setup of my new investment strategy and to start my new business. 

During the course all the resources I needed started to appear automatically and I achieved both goals. Working with Paula goes far beyond words. She helped me to remove the final blocks and get two major life projects lift off!.

Mihai Andrei

Power of Peace

It is time to claim your birthright:
your true abundant life. 


I know you want to know: What’s the Investment?

Before I share, answer this… 

What is it worth to for you to have total confidence, and manifest your dreams with ease? What if you could launch businesses, complete projects, have unlimited money coming in, enjoy ideal relationships, and stand in your power, self-assuredly?

Some people answer this question with a number, like “that would be worth $10,000, or $25,000, or $100,000.”  

Other people say, “You can’t put a number on it. It’s priceless!”

I agree – you’re worth it, and YOU are priceless…

That’s why I set the normal investment level in this program at only $1997.

Of course, when I shared this with some of MY mentors, they strongly advised me that this program is worth well over $2000!! 

Yes, I know it is. But that’s not stopping me from making this an easy decision for you to join us.  

The shifts made in the lives of people I work with are incredible and life changing. And that’s what I want for you.

Here’s something that might excite you… 

I’m also giving you gifts!

Gift #1: You get the previously recorded sessions with this program so you can start right away. (value $997) 

Gift #2: Video Course “Why You Are Meant To Be Abundant” (value $197)   

Gift #3: Video Course “Leaving Fear Behind” (value $197) 

Gift #4: Video Course “Sacred Goddess Revealed” (value $197)  

Gift #5: Video Course “Drama Free Goddess” (value $197)


When you pay in full before November 5th I will gift you a 30 Minute Soul-to-Soul Private Call 

On this call we will look at where your soul is leading you, I channel messages from your guides, and answer questions you have for your guides (value $247)

Let’s recap

The program is $1997.00  

The gifts are $3032.00

That’s a total value of $5029.00

Because of the uncertain times we are all in,
right now I am offering
The ABUNDANT LIFE program for $997.

This will be the last time that I plan on offering this program for $997. I mean that – even though it’s true that you will gain so much value this is worth way more than that, I know you’re smart about your money and want to get this now.

????  Act now and grab your gifts to end the year with great momentum.

It is time to claim your birthright of your true abundant life. 

YES, Paula!!! I Want to Join THE ABUNDANT LIFE Program And Receive All The Great Gifts You Are Offering Me!

I'm All In!!! Sign Me Up!!

Remember Jonaka’s story? 

Well she has a message she would like you to hear…

I am really excited to support you! I am proud of you for making the decision to give yourself permission to live your full potential!

Much love, 


Your Abundant Life Guide

Paula Hopwood

Life is all about turning dreams into reality for inspirational speaker, master intuitive, certified coach and evolutionary Sherpa, Paula Hopwood.

My Goddess is fully AWAKE!!

As a result of THE GODDESS REVIVAL, I have been able to better understand myself. Not only to better understand, but also to love myself and honor myself. I have had many A-HA moments, which doesn’t happen often! I have shifted in a powerful way. I feel I have a clear vision and path of who I am and where I am going. My Goddess is fully AWAKE!!



What do you see in this picture, and what does it mean for you?

I had this image designed with some specific intentions. 

If you are attracted to and intrigued by this picture, and want to know how the principles related to its deeper meanings can support you in your life’s journey… then you know that The Abundant Life Program is right for you. 

Your time is now! Join us!

My spirit and soul have been awoken

I contacted Paula for help because my whole life I have been haunted with horrible dreams. There was no support for me growing up, and as an adult, as no one understood my dreams. I thought I was crazy. I was shut down and shut out. I just wanted some real help.

Paula’s coaching helped me with this and so much more. She helped me to see that I am a beautiful soul, Divinely guided, and blessed. She supported me to open up to prayer and meditation. She opened up a window to my soul.

Paula’s coaching empowered me to step into my power and calling to be a healer. She helped me break through my fear barrier to help others and to walk in my truth.

My dreams have calmed down now a substantial amount. I now understand them and they do not hold a terrifying grip on me.

Paula helped bring out confidence in myself. I am excited to say I have courage and confidence now. Because of this, I am following a life long dream of mine of living in the mountains thanks to my new levels of courage and confidence.

I now have been heard, understood, and encouraged. I am so happy I sought out Paula. My spirit and soul have been awoken after many years of being asleep.

Paula’s coaching has been an encouragement to my soul and I am thankful for her.



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